Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm definitely a morning person . . .

copyright sophie zografidou

. . . even more so when I'm travelling! Taking a stroll in the stillness of early morning and watching a small village or bustling city wake up is one of life's greatest pleasures! In the cool of this particular August morning, I was making my way around the narrow streets of the Old Port of Chania, Crete, pausing every so often to exchange a 'kalimera' with local vendors who were setting up for another scorching tourist-packed day of trade! This row of whiter-than-white and neatly pegged washing lined up against the rustic exterior of this building was just waiting for me (smiling almost!) to have its photo taken - I politely obliged! Clearly, I'm not the only early bird! :)


  1. I love rustic and colors are SO beautiful.

  2. Sophie Zografidou

    Thank you for the talent, sensitivity and beautiful composition of this photo. Sorry if I did not ask permission.

    I love your work!

    Roberta Carrilho